Hello everyone.
First thanks for the support. 
Second an apology and explanation.
2009 was one hell of a year. I was hit with everything life had in it's arsenal of FML.
Some of the stuff that happened that keep me away were:
My PC was fried and I lost everything on it. I spent a long time recreating the PDF file of Savage Star Wars from an older backup copy I had, even so, a lot was lost. Also lost were any advance on the ships companion book as the only thing I had backed up were some of the graphics. So I had to start over from scratch.
Then came job issues, I had to work extra hours and double shifts due to bad management.
Even so, I didn't have enough money to replace my computer until near Christmas.
And between I got severely sick and spent almost a month on a hospital bed getting shot every few hours.
So with all this stuff I didn't have time to work on the game.

Now, 2010 seems a better year, I still have job issues, but should be more manageable, so I have started to work on this again. I already have updated the core rules to 1.2.3 (1.2.2 was the unreleased recreated version I made from the old backup I had when my PC broke. It was just a minor typo/grammar update) which have a few new things and fixed others. I'm halfway through the ships companion book (It will also include vessels and characters). Also, I found a few things I'd like to add to the core rules, mostly a couple of species and a Gear section (too short to merit a book for itself, though It could be included on the companion book, it would take longer to finish the companion but it would be more complete and useful).
That's it.
Thanks again, and may the Force be with you!