The new version is now up to download. Hope you enjoy it.
It Includes new species, edges, hinderances, the rules for Droid player characters, lightsaber Forms, new powers, a new NPC record sheet and a book cover / backcover.
Now I'll start working on the Starships add-on for my conversion. A small book with Info Cards (In case you want to print them and use them) on about most of the Rebellion era starships and vehicles. After that I'll work on Character and Creatures of the Rebellion era (Cards for enemies and allies).

All the downloads are in the Front Page. The cover image is in high res so you can download it to print it without the foxit pdf reminder. Also there is the font I used for the booklet, but foxit couldn't embed on the PDF. Is a Freeware font by the way, so no moral dilema.

Thanks and bye for now.